Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dead Island?

Hey guys another zombie game here which is based on a island full of zombies, i dont have much to say about this game its probably more towards survival then just a onslaught of shooting zombies =) but im not sure, nor am i sure of the release date hopefully the game will come out soon and heres a trailer below for those interested.

Here is a multi-layer damage video stating the damage levels or infective levels:
Multi-Layer Video

Heres the video of the trailer.
Trailer Here

Whats your opinion on this game? post a comment below!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Competitive Gaming?

Hey guys, any one from these blogs have a team that plays on Gambattles.com? its a competitive gaming website where you set up matches and play against each other. If you have a team i was wondering if you wanted to Scrim or practice against each other. If so send me a friend request on XBOX 360.

My GT Is: Rawr Itz Aidz

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Assasins Creed Brotherhood

New Gaming releasing about 1 week after Call of Duty:Black Ops. I enjoyed the Assassin'sClick Here For Trailer Creed series but i plan to enjoy them even more now that were able to play online multi-player,yes online multi-player, its going to be so epic i have posted a video trailer down below. Also if you guys want me to make a MW2 Funtage video just leave a comment below saying Yes or No. Thanks everyone, zBeast.

Click Here For Trailer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Am Alive - Survival

Hey everyone, this is a new upcoming survival/action game that is being developed by Ubisoft as we speak. I Am Alive is a survival game that takes place in Chicago where a massive earthquake just struck and the rescue teams failed to save the remaining survivors. You play this game in first person using many tricks and tactics to help you survive like using a empty gun to scare and threaten your enemies for food or to ward them off. This game is going to be released in the spring 2011, here is the trailer for any of you interested in this game.

Click Here For Trailer

There is also a second trailer:
Second Trailer Here

Thanks guys , zBeast

Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Dead Redemption - Zombies!

There is going to be a new DLC for the Rockstar game : Red Dead Redemption. The DLC is named the Undead Nightmare pack and it pretty much consist of zombies. There will be Zombies for Single-player missions mainly and also some for multi-player and zombie animals such as zombie cougars and zombie bears and many more. Below is the link to the new trailer of the Undead Nightmare DLC, this DLC will only cost 800 Microsoft points on Xbox Live and $9.99 on the Playstation®Network.

Click Here For The Trailer

Well i am off for the night, Night Everyone


Nazi Zombies - Call Of Duty:Black Ops

Well once again the Nazi zombies have risen again into the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops, it has been confirmed that there will be Nazi zombies game mode aside from the regular game modes and leveling system. Nazi zombies was from Call of Duty: World At War Or WAW for short form, Nazi Zombies is a Co-op Game mode were you and 3 friends can fight off hordes of zombies or you can even play with random players from around the world. It has been told that you can get some extra Nazi zombie map packs when you purchase the Hardened Edition of the Call of duty: Black ops and if you purchase Cod:Black ops Prestige edition you also get a RC car that has a built in camera and microphone.

Here is a video of the RC Car and some game play.
Click Here

Well thats enough for today until then zBeast, Out.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Call Of Duty:Black Ops!

With the new Call of Duty Sequel coming there is soon to be a beta releasing to look out for all the bugs for the developers to fix and release on November 9 for great game play. Call of Duty:Black ops is a first person shooter game where you take the role of a soldier from there point of view. The new perks list are:

Tier 1
Standard: Move faster
Pro: + Aim faster after sprinting
ScavengerTier 1
Standard: Resupply from dead bodies
Pro: + Extra magazines (2000CP)
GhostTier 1
Standard: Undetectable by Spy Plane and Blackbird
Pro: + No red crosshair or name when targeted (2000CP)
HardlineTier 1
Standard: Killstreaks 1 kill early
Pro: + Get a second chance on the result of care packages
Flak JacketTier 1
Standard: Extra explosives resistance
Pro: +
Tier 2
Standard: Extra bullet penetration
Pro: +
ScoutTier 2
Standard: Hold breath longer
Pro: +
Steady AimTier 2
Standard: Extra accuracy when shooting from the hip
Pro: +
Sleight of Hand
Tier 2
Standard: Faster reload
Pro: + Aim down sight faster (does not work with Sniper Rifles)
Tier 2
Standard: 2 attachments on primary weapon
Pro: + 2 attachments on primary and secondary weapons
MarathonTier 3
Standard: Longer sprint
Pro: + No falling damage
Tier 3
Standard: Move silently
Pro: + Move through Motion Sensors and Camera Spikes undetected 
Second ChanceTier 3
Standard: Pull out pistol before dying
Pro: + Use equipment as well as pistol
HackerTier 3
Standard: Detect enemy equipment and explosives
Pro: + Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly
Tactical MaskTier 3
Standard: Reduce the effect of Flash and Concussion grenades
Pro: +

You may be surprised that there is no stopping perk how ever there is a perk that acts like FMJ ( Full Metal Jackets) that acts like stopping power by giving players the ability to shoot through walls.  If There is no Pro Description Yet because that is unknown to us and we will most likely have to find out when the game releases on November 9.

That sums up todays post, be sure to leave a comment on your class setup like what perks you would have!

Goodbye!, zBeast.