Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Am Alive - Survival

Hey everyone, this is a new upcoming survival/action game that is being developed by Ubisoft as we speak. I Am Alive is a survival game that takes place in Chicago where a massive earthquake just struck and the rescue teams failed to save the remaining survivors. You play this game in first person using many tricks and tactics to help you survive like using a empty gun to scare and threaten your enemies for food or to ward them off. This game is going to be released in the spring 2011, here is the trailer for any of you interested in this game.

Click Here For Trailer

There is also a second trailer:
Second Trailer Here

Thanks guys , zBeast


  1. I love survival games, Hopefully this will be a good one.

  2. Looks pretty good. But the video dated back to 2008 lol. are they still working on it?

  3. followed you mate, hit me back, b+c :)

  4. @Chad yeah it was going to be released earlier but then they decided to release later and update the game more ;)