Sunday, October 3, 2010

Call Of Duty:Black Ops!

With the new Call of Duty Sequel coming there is soon to be a beta releasing to look out for all the bugs for the developers to fix and release on November 9 for great game play. Call of Duty:Black ops is a first person shooter game where you take the role of a soldier from there point of view. The new perks list are:

Tier 1
Standard: Move faster
Pro: + Aim faster after sprinting
ScavengerTier 1
Standard: Resupply from dead bodies
Pro: + Extra magazines (2000CP)
GhostTier 1
Standard: Undetectable by Spy Plane and Blackbird
Pro: + No red crosshair or name when targeted (2000CP)
HardlineTier 1
Standard: Killstreaks 1 kill early
Pro: + Get a second chance on the result of care packages
Flak JacketTier 1
Standard: Extra explosives resistance
Pro: +
Tier 2
Standard: Extra bullet penetration
Pro: +
ScoutTier 2
Standard: Hold breath longer
Pro: +
Steady AimTier 2
Standard: Extra accuracy when shooting from the hip
Pro: +
Sleight of Hand
Tier 2
Standard: Faster reload
Pro: + Aim down sight faster (does not work with Sniper Rifles)
Tier 2
Standard: 2 attachments on primary weapon
Pro: + 2 attachments on primary and secondary weapons
MarathonTier 3
Standard: Longer sprint
Pro: + No falling damage
Tier 3
Standard: Move silently
Pro: + Move through Motion Sensors and Camera Spikes undetected 
Second ChanceTier 3
Standard: Pull out pistol before dying
Pro: + Use equipment as well as pistol
HackerTier 3
Standard: Detect enemy equipment and explosives
Pro: + Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly
Tactical MaskTier 3
Standard: Reduce the effect of Flash and Concussion grenades
Pro: +

You may be surprised that there is no stopping perk how ever there is a perk that acts like FMJ ( Full Metal Jackets) that acts like stopping power by giving players the ability to shoot through walls.  If There is no Pro Description Yet because that is unknown to us and we will most likely have to find out when the game releases on November 9.

That sums up todays post, be sure to leave a comment on your class setup like what perks you would have!

Goodbye!, zBeast.


  1. These actually look pretty good and balanced. Making me think twice about this game...

  2. why do they always change the names of the perks after every game? i mean they are always the same perks lol